Car Key Programming

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Car key cutting and programming by a legitimate locksmith.

A transponder key is not an uncommon key as some might believe. In fact, more manufacturers are producing them because they offer enhanced security for the vehicle owner. This type of key has a transponder chip located within it. The chip affords more security by being the only way the car will operate. Here is how they work. The chip and its transceiver communicate with each other. The vehicle’s transceiver is always looking for the right signal. If it does not receive any signal or the transceiver picks up on other signals in the area, it will not work. This means it will not allow the vehicle to start. Read more.

There are many reasons why your car won’t start. For example, it could be the battery, the alternator, it’s low on gas, or your car key fob is dead.

 It typically takes our trained locksmiths about 15-30 minutes per key to cut and program. It’s a quick process because we have the proper training, experience, and tools.

Our locksmiths are typically 50% less than the dealership. Pricing depends on the make/model of the car, van, truck or SUV and what type of key, remote, and/or fob it uses. Generally, the price ranges from $75 to $150 during normal business hours. But the good news is, all of our locksmiths charge fair prices for honest work. Build your deal to see the exact price based on your car’s year, make, and model.

The exact procedures can vary depending on the make/model of your vehicle. The first step is to pick out the correct fob/remote/flip key or transponder head key that communicates with your car. Then we use our diagnostic equipment to communicate with the car’s onboard computer so we can program the new key(s) to work with your car’s computer.

Inside of many key fobs, there’s an emergency key that you can slide out. To complete the Car Key Programming Deal purchase, you need to match the design of your metal key to one of the key types pictured on the Deal page.

You can supply your own key for cutting and programming but only if the locksmith is willing to program a key they didn’t supply. Typically, locksmiths prefer to supply the key because they use trusted suppliers, and have done the research to ensure the key will work with your car. They can also warranty the keys they supply.

If you have no working car keys and are unsure what your key does look like, you can use our live chat feature for assistance.

As long as the locksmith can charge up the battery, we should be able to successfully program a car key.