Deadbolt Installation

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We will install residential deadbolts of your choosing.

-Limit 1 per customer. -Cannot be combined with other offers. -Material pricing is not included.

A deadbolt is a special type of lock made from heavy-gauge reinforced metal that’s designed to be strong and sturdy. Several different types of deadbolts are available including single-sided and double-sided. Generally, most residential doors have a doorknob (with or without its own lock) and a deadbolt above it.

If your door doesn’t already have a deadbolt on it, that’s considered a fresh install and requires the drilling of the door and doorframe. Replacements are when you already have a deadbolt on the door and you want it to be replaced with a new one. Depending on the style of the replacement deadbolt, the locksmith may still need to redrill or clean up the existing holes in your door and door frame.

For a door that doesn’t already have a deadbolt in it, we recommend you allow the locksmith about 1 hour to complete the job. Installing a new deadbolt requires drilling a hole in the door for the lock, as well as drilling a hole in the door frame for the new strike plate. However, it all depends on how many deadbolts you need to be installed, the type of installation, and the type of door.

Pricing varies based on what needs to be done and the type of new deadbolt you want. There are no secrets here. You only pay for what you need. Once you build your deal, you will know the price.

Either you or the locksmith can supply them, but we always recommend you allow the locksmith to supply the deadbolts because we use quality hardware that is stronger, more durable, and longer-lasting than the deadbolts you can buy at your local hardware or big box store. Our products are also warrantied and can be upgraded to a high-security cylinder and keys.

Yes. We can rekey the new deadbolt to match your existing locks as long as all of your locks use the same keyway.