Lock Rekeying

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American Lock & Key Co., Inc.

In business since 1980! American Lock & Key is a well-known, licensed, and insured locksmith. We have a walk-in location and mobile service. We look forward to serving you.

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Lock rekeying for your house locks including deadbolts, door knobs, and smart locks.

-This deal cannot be combined with any other offers. -This deal does not cover high-security locks such as Primus, Medeco, or Mul-t-Lock.

It typically takes our trained locksmiths about 5-15 minutes to rekey one lock. It’s a quick process because we have the training, experience, and proper tools.

Pricing varies based on how many locks you need to be rekeyed. There are no secrets or hidden fees. You only pay for what you need. Once you build your deal, you will know the price.

The locksmith will disassemble your lock and pull out the lock cylinder. The lock cylinder is the portion of the lock where you insert the key. Inside the lock cylinder are a number of metal pins that work with your current key, and we replace those pins to work with a brand new key. Once the pins are replaced and we’ve tested the new key to make sure it works, we reassemble the lock and reinstall it on your door.

Yes. The locksmith can rekey all of your locks so you only need one key, and it’s especially easy if all your locks use the same keyway. You can determine if all your locks use the same keyway if your key can be inserted into each lock, even if it does not turn. That means they are the same keyway and can be rekeyed to match.